Prague Beers

Prague Beers

Beer Spa Prague

What's Included:

Local Manic Guide (one way)

Cotton towels and sheets, basswood slippers

1 hour private reservation of Original Beer Spa

Unlimited consumption of light and dark beer

Home-made beer bread

Total time: 1 - 2 hours

€68.44 Each
(minimum 10 people, maximum 20 people)
Group Size
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Choose the default activity above or scroll down for more beer activities below!

Important info: No means of transport included. If you need one, check extras. 

Guide only meets to help arrange a taxi/public transport or walk you to an activity if close.

Enjoy amusing beer activities when on a stag do in Prague - the beer capital of the World. Choose one of the 7 optional activities and enjoy delicious Czech beer in a unique way.

Relax in the Beer Spa Prague, hop on a beer boat, have fun playing a giant beer pong with your mates or choose one of the offered brewery tours and experience the U Fleku brewery which has been brewing continuously for over 500 years!

Just tick the activity you want, enter how many people are going to drink with you and when. Then add it to tour and enjoy plenty of beer!

sexy bartender serving beer on board of prague cycle boat

Prague Cycle Boat

Local Manic Guide (full-time)

Cycle boat captain and bartender

90 minutes cruise

Unlimited beer

Music at your preferences


Total time: 2 - 3 hours

Important info: No transport included, see extras if needed!


If you are more than 11 people, contact us as we can arrange 2 boats.


Embark on the exhilarating Prague Cycle Beer Boat adventure, guided by a charismatic local expert ensuring an unforgettable experience. A full-time Manic Guide doubles as your cycle boat captain and bartender, steering you through a picturesque 90-minute cruise along Prague's enchanting waterways. Revel in the jovial atmosphere with unlimited beer, while the soundtrack of your journey is tailored to your musical preferences. The total escapade spans 2-3 hours, promising an immersive and entertaining excursion. 


Note that transportation is not included, but additional options are available as extras if needed. 


Prepare for a unique blend of cycling, boating, and beer-fueled camaraderie in the heart of Prague.


U Fleku knight's hall

U Fleku Brewery Tour Prague

Local Manic Guide (full-time)

Private guided U Fleku brewery tour - 45 min

1 Flek's13° unfiltered dark lager pp

1 Flek's original beer glass pp


Total time: 2 hours

Important info: No transport included, see extras if needed! Tours from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.


people playing giant beer pong

Giant Beer Pong Prague

Local Manic Guide (full-time)

Private Return Transport 


Balls and giant cups

1 hour of giant beer pong game (including instructions)

1 drink (beer or coke or water) pp


Total time: 2 - 3 hours


Add a little extra!

Since all the activities except Giant Beer Pong Prague are located centrally, we don't provide any means of transport except services of our guide who can walk you to the venue or help you to arrange a taxi.

If would like us to arrange a transport for you check the extras below and choose a private transport or public transport ticket. In case of private transport, you need to book twice if you need a lift both ways.

In case you would like to prolong your stay at U Fleku brewery, check the extra dinner package below and finish your U Fleku Brewery Tour Prague with delicious traditional Czech dinner!

Scroll left to see more
  • hand validating Prague public transport ticket

    Public Transport Tickets

    1 24-hour Prague public transport ticket pp










  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter

    One Way Private Transport

    One Way Private transport pp from a meeting point (e.g. hotel) to an activity location. Or the ather way around.


    Importnat info: In case you need a return private transport, you need to book twice!




  • beef in cream with dumplings

    U Fleku Traditional Meal

    1 Flek's13° unfiltered dark lager pp

    3 course menu pp:

    Old-Bohemian onion soup

    Goulash with dumplings OR Beef in cream with dumplings

    Apple strudel


    Important info: Please allow extra time 60 or 90 min.

    Available for: U Fleku Brewery Tour Prague

Group Size
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What would be a stag do without beer? Well, not a proper one! And especially if held in Prague, the capital of the country with the highest consumption of beer per capita and tradition of brewing beginning as early as 10th century.

Don't miss this real highlight of Czech culture and enjoy the variety of unique beer activities we have prepared for you!

You will have the opportunity to enjoy plenty of delicious Czech beer and loads of fun!

Find more details about Prague Stag Beers


Our beer activities are the perfect way to celebrate your mate's last day of freedom! Rock it on the Beer Boat Prague or enjoy beer and a contest with giant beer pong!

Have a unique experience visiting the U Fleku to taste the brewery's own 13° unfiltered dark lager which you can't get anywhere else in the world!

After all you can have a break from all the rush in the Beer Spa, relax and taste even more Czech beer!

people in a beer spa

How it works

Our guide picks you up and takes you to the activity location or beer boat jetty. There you are welcomed by the staff and you can enjoy your beer fun whether it is the beer boat, the beer spa, the brewery tour or the giant beer pong! 

In case of the Giant Beer Pong, you receive instructions and the instructor will act as a referee.

After an activity the guide takes you back. Except the beer spa where the guide leaves you after arrival.

beer tapping


Most of the activities have no transport included due to their easily accessible locations. If you need a lift check the extras otherwise a guide will walk you there or help you to arrange a taxi/public transport. After activity the guide takes you back except the Beer Spa Prague. The Giant Beer Pong Prague has private return transport included.


Most of the activities are located in the centre. The giant beer pong is right in the suburbs.

man in a bucket in a glass of beer

To consider

No need to bring anything to the beer spa - cotton towels, sheets and basswood slippers are provided. If you are allergic to proteins, yeast and hops consult your physician before booking.

In case of brewery tours, let us know what your preferred language of a tour is when booking.

Please bring  regular sportswear and trainers for the Giant Beer Pong Prague. It's also possible to play indoors, in case of rain.

men playing giant beer pong

WARNING - Manic Tours can seriously cause extreme hangovers, unforgettable memories and dangerous levels of fun. Take part at your own risk.

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0036 70 429 1428
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