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2021/11/26 10:35

Shooting guns is almost compulsory for any stag do in Prague. What else would a bunch of lads like to do when alone and away for a stag weekend than get some big famous guns and have fun at a shooting range ideally without unlimited ammo right? So, you shouldn’t forget about adding an activity at a Prague shooting rang.

ak firing in prague shooting range

Stag destinations as well as agencies provide many various packages to suit the needs and high expectations of their customers nowadays and such original stag do destination like Prague is no exception. So, what shooting package you should choose for your stag do and how to get the most from your experience at shooting range Prague?


What kind of service to choose?

It is no secret, and it won’t surprise you, that the shooting ranges in Prague, same as in any other stag do destination, supply different agencies and that some of them sell for themselves. That means you can either buy from an agency with some additional services or directly from a shooting range. Now, the smaller and more private shooting ranges with bigger personal approach usually don’t sell on themselves and sell through the agencies and without an agency you would have a tough time finding such a shooting range. The bigger shooting ranges prepared to serve loads of tourists usually act as agencies themselves and sometimes don’t provide any additional services than shooting and if they do it is usually for a high fee. Also, sometimes the experience is not private, and it can happen that you would be squeezed in with other tourists or stag groups. Shooting ranges in Prague are no different. Therefore, you can find agencies providing shooting packages with additional services like transport and guide for the same or sometimes even cheaper price than a shooting range selling just shooting packages alone. Finally, it depends on what you are after but if you would like to include a Prague shooting range into your Prague stag do filled with more stag activities, have no hassle with booking and would like to be alone at a shooting range in Prague, an agency is definitely a better choice.



The shooting ranges in Prague offer various guns from over the course of the 20th century. Starting with the guns used by many sides in the World War II then from the times when the Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia back then) was a part of the Warsaw Pact up to current Czech army arsenal. There are of course many different guns from WWI or even older but those you can’t get at a commercial shooting range because those are more collector’s discipline. 

So, what you can shoot with? The most encountered types of guns at a shooting range in Prague are of course pistols. You can usually choose classics like famous Czechoslovak CZ 75 B, Austrian Glock, Russian Tokarev or American Colt 1911 and many more.

Regarding shotguns, basically you can find classic hunting double-barrelled shotguns, especially in case of clay pigeon shooting activities, tactical shotguns of EU production e.g. Italian FABARM STF 12 and similar pieces. Also, there are some specials to shoot from like high-capacity magazine JTS M12AK or KS-12T.

Another great type to have fun with are the sub machine guns. In Prague you can find local gifts like both old and new versions of Skorpions as well as the foreign ones like the UZI, MP5, Thompson M1A1 or good old PPSh - 41.

There are also some classic rifles you can enjoy too. Most common types come from World War II period and include German Mauser and Russian famous pieces like Mosin-Nagant and SKS-45. In this case we can’t forget about the wet dream of every shooting range fan – the sniper rifle! You can get these too especially the one you have been surely looking for – SVD Dragunov.

Finally, last but not least, the most favourite category of guns – assault rifles. The offer is usually wide but the cream of the cream you should be able to put your hands on during the stag do in Prague are Russian AK-47 Kalashnikov, Czechoslovak Sa vz. 58 both in 7.62×39mm and NATO M4 or AR15 usually in 5,56x45. Not forgetting up to date Czech Army standard CZ BREN 2 rifle.

Considering you are not heading to a front but to a nice restaurant, strip club or pumping club later to continue with your crazy stag weekend, the shooting ranges in Prague have plenty to offer, don’t you think?



What can you shoot at? Definitely not dwarves, that’s not how the Dwarf prank works! At all the shooting ranges in Prague, you shoot at classic fixed round paper targets for shooting practice. The distance from a shooting stand depends on the size of the range. Most of the ranges have proper shooting tunnel but sometimes, especially in the centre of the city, you can encounter small ranges with a quite short distance between a shooter and the target. 

The only exception is Clay pigeon shooting activity. Which happens always outside the city at outdoor shooting ranges. In this case you shoot with a double-barrelled shot gun at clay projectiles – the “pigeons”. The way of shooting the “pigeons” used at any Prague shooting range is trap shooting. In trap shooting, the targets are launched from a single machine, away from the shooter. Rather train your eye and reactions to be prepared before coming for some shooting in Prague.


Here are some rules!

As Czech say, every fun cost something or as it is in English, you can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs. This applies for the shooting as well. Basically, there are some simple rules you should be aware of when rushing to a shooting range in Prague.

  • First of all, you need to be older than 18 years of age. 
  • You need to be sober! We know, this one is hard to follow when on stag do but it is necessary in order to come back home in one piece and with all the members of your group. Therefore, we advise to do the shooting activities either before lunch or early in the afternoon. That should correspond with the time of the day when you are already more or less sober and before all that party madness starts again. Also, the shooting range staff won’t let you shoot if they find out that you are drunk.
  • Listen to what your instructor says and follow his command.
  • Behave properly! If you behave like crazy the staff will tell you off. 


Transport and other services, what else can you buy?

The thing with shooting ranges in Prague is that they are usually located outside the centre where majority of tourists stay when they visit Prague, or they are even outside the city as far as 40 km from its borders. For those shooting ranges located in the centre the accessibility is quite fine and you can take a taxi, local public transport or you can walk. For others that are outside, you need to get a private transport, so it is better to have an agency to assist you and pick you up comfortably at your accommodation, take you to the range and back again. Some agencies even offer a return private transport for shooting ranges located in the centre. On the other hand, you can find offers without the transfer and only with a guide which means that the guide will walk you to the range or help you to arrange a public transport or taxi.

When you done shooting it is always a great idea to have some drinks at the range. Most of the agencies offer some drinks in their packages and if that is not enough for you, you can buy more at the range directly. Also, it is usually possible to buy more ammo if you want to go berserk and there is time for it.


We honestly hope that we have provided enough information for you to get a grasp about your future adventure at a Prague shooting range and that the article will help you to have a brilliant stag do in Prague!



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