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2021/07/02 10:00

Prague belongs to the first-choice stag do destinations having all activities the stag do market can provide nowadays and one simply cannot go wrong organizing a Prague stag do!

Prague centre panorama

How to get the best out of your stag do in Prague?

If you decided that Prague should be THE place and experience a stag do you and majority of your group will probably not remember to a huge extent, here are the points you can look forward to.

Prague has it all. Doesn´t matter if you are a history geek, a romantic soul, or a stag party maniac, in Prague you will find what you are after. Prague is a charming historic city with amazing sights, breath-taking views and beautiful cobbled streets filled with pubs, bars and trendy clubs.

The significant centrally located neighbourhoods are Staré Město or the Old Town, charming with its medieval atmosphere is also the most expensive part of Prague. Except for many restaurants, pubs, and accommodation options, it houses the famous Old Town Square, Church of Our Lady before Týn and the world known Prague Orloj astronomical clock. It also hides the city´s party district along the Dlouhá street.

Malá Strana - the Little Side is one of the fanciest and oldest neighbourhoods as well, it spreads along the Vltava River beneath the dominant of the whole city - the Prague Castle. You can enjoy the views back over the Old Town or you can leave your signature on the famous John Lennon Wall. Walk through the charming 17th-century Wallenstein Garden or just find a spot in one of the traditional pubs and treat yourself with locally crafted brew.


Next to the Old Town, there is another neighbourhood called Nové Město (the New Town) with its famous Wenceslas Square, Palladium shopping mall (former barracks), National Theatre and Municipal House. Here you can also find a lot of clubs, pubs and restaurants and enjoy the busy city life.


If you are into less touristy parts and would rather mingle with locals, we can recommend Holešovice and Karlín neighbourhoods which are former industrial parts now transformed into trendy dining and nightlife hubs. You can find a lot of local pubs, restaurants and affordable accommodation there and remain very close to the city centre. Find your way to Letná hill overlooking the whole historic part of the city and Vltava River, you can walk around the huge park, visit the National Technical Museum, or just chill and grab some pints at Letna-Schlösschen beer garden.


Except all the mentioned, one of the facts that attracts loads of stag do groups here is that Prague is a capital of the Czech Republic – a country with the highest consumption of beer per capita in the World and brewing tradition since 970. Czech beer and beer culture is incredibly unique and one of the best. Currently there are 435 functioning breweries in the country and some of the most famous are in Prague. You should not miss U Fleků, microbrewery brewing without break since 1499 and Staropramen brewery. Except the mentioned breweries you will find plenty of microbreweries situated in many parts of the city. Compared to other countries, the beer is cheap the price is around 1.5 GBP for 0,5 l of tasty Czech lager. 


Except the breweries there are plenty of beer gardens, bars, pubs, and restaurants everywhere so you can grab a refreshing pint where you go.


Prague In Points

  • Language - Czech.
  • £1 = approx. 30 Czech Koruna (CZK).
  • Taxi from the airport to centre - approx. 700 CZK.
  • 24-hour public transport ticket -  120 CZK.
  • Accommodation in central Prague per person/night – rough min. 800 CZK
  • Local meal – 160 - 250 CZK.
  • 0.5 l of beer: 35 - 60 CZK.



So, what should you consider for your stag do in Prague?


Accommodation - helping you to be in the middle of things


Transfers - transport to and from Vaclav Havel airport


Beer activities - would be shame to miss one of them when in Prague.


Food - to be ready for what comes in the evening.


Your Stag Night – to get the most out of a Prague nightlife. Depends on if you want just pubs or clubs and strip clubs too. You can always make it fancier with limousines and strippers.


Prague stag do day activities – you know to do something where you can sweat out your hangover. If you would like to have something special, you should think about fun at a shooting range or Prague tank driving. There are of course more traditional activities to go with like Go Karting or Paintball.


Prague river cruise – you can book during the afternoon or evening and with beer in your hand you will get a glimpse of the city panoramas in one go and get some nice pictures to show back home.


Prague Stag do pranks - if you want your mate to suffer for his stupid decision to get married.


So, what about other reasons the Prague should be your number one choice for your stag do? Thanks to budget flights through the whole year from all over the EU and the UK the city is just around the corner literally situated in the heart of Europe. Add to this, the general cost and prices of services, food, activities etc. are still cheaper comparing to the UK or the Western part of the EU.



How much you should prepare for your Prague stag do? 

Of course, it depends on what you want, what you book, where you stay and where you eat. Even though there are no limits on how much you can spend, you still can make your stag do in Prague a cheap one. You should be fine with 170-220 quid budget. That should cover two nights in Prague city centre, some basic activities like pub crawl, escape room, paintball and others including some extra cash. It is not so cheap like Budapest but not too expensive like other stag destination like Amsterdam or German cities.



What about flights?

Before Covid, there would be a quite easy answer to this. But the pandemic happened to be a game changer and now we are curiously waiting on the new flight prices. But the fact that Wizzair and RyanAir survived the pandemic suggests and convinces us that flight prices to Prague will be cheap as were before. We are talking about the rough price of 45 Pounds per person. You should be able to get a flight around this price and still be able to afford load of Czech beer.



Where to stay? 

If you would like to stay in the centre to be awfully close to the famous sights and all those party places on Dlouha Street you should definitely book an accommodation around the Wenceslas Square, Old Town Square or Malá Strana. These are the best spots you probably can get however be prepared that those are as well the most expensive and highly demanded place to stay. We would rather recommend booking a place a bit further from the centre in less touristy parts of Zizkov, Vinohrady, Holesovice, Smichov or Karlin. These are genuinely nice districts and just a few minutes by public transport from the centre. Or even by walk it does not take you long.


What are the must dos, Stag Do in Prague? 

Well, as mentioned several times, Prague has plenty to offer, and it depends on what you really want. However, when in Prague you should visit one of the local breweries to enjoy just a tour with degustation or some extra activities like tapping school.

Try to check some traditional food. Czech cuisine is awfully specific and delicious. AND of course, it goes perfectly with beer.

You should not miss a river cruise which will take you through the centre and you will see the city and a lot of its attractions from a totally different angle. And of course, you can add a stripper or two to admire as well.

Use the opportunity to have fun at one of local shooting ranges with wide offer of NATO, Czech and former Soviet armament.

And you should go exploring Prague nightlife.



The nightlife in Prague.

Prague at night, especially during the weekends is pumping and terribly busy environment. There are a lot of clubs hosting great parties or smaller events opened as late as 5 a.m. In the areas of Wenceslas Square, Old Town Square and Dlouhá Street you can find probably the biggest and most favourite party district in the city where you can enjoy your Prague clubbing. You can choose from different places, from rooftop terrace lounges to historic cellar clubs. If you are more into pubs and bars, Prague has lots of them and you can find them basically everywhere in the city. In the centre you will encounter more touristy ones but still with a lot of locals and e.g. in Žižkov and Vinohrady these host more hipster kind of bars.

Prague is not only about clubs, pubs, and bars but also about adult fun including the hottest girls the Czech Republic can offer. The best gentlemen clubs to visit are Gold Fingers and Hot Peppers at Wenceslas Square.

Regarding the music there are several you can count among the front Prague clubs. 


Duplex - one of the city's most exclusive clubs overlooking the Wenceslas square and the city centre. You can enjoy the stunning views and sip cocktails on comfy sofas. It is often visited by celebrities and features the best DJs. The club has also a really nice rooftop restaurant serving fresh dishes daytime.


M1 Lounge Bar & Club – great club with different themed nights. The portfolio varies from hip hop to dance music. And do not miss their shisha menu.


Nebe Cocktail & Music Club - extremely popular cocktail bar and club at Wenceslas square with two more sister Nebe clubs set in historical cellars.


Moon Club - situated in a historical building with a glass roof, right in the centre of Prague! Have a seat, enjoy a drink and rock on the dance floor under the night sky!


One Club - stylish interior with many boots covered with leather and brilliant bottle service. The club hosts great DJs and party rages all week long!


There are many more you can choose from. Prague offers plenty of options and it is only up to you to choose which of them suits best to your Prague stag do!


What else you can do?

There are many things you can discover in Prague when you start hanging around on your own based on tips from locals. Like many stag groups do.


The city has a lot of places where locals go to chill, meet, and enjoy panoramas or prepare for a party and you can do the same. You can buy some beers on the spot or in a shop and enjoy the atmosphere.


  • Náplavka (river side) near Náměstí Palackého – there are a lot of boat bars where you can have a beer and food too and chill on the riverbank.
  • Riegrovy Sady – beautiful park with amazing view at Prague Castle. Especially during the sun set.
  • Létná – huge park on a hill providing a great view at the panorama of the whole historic part of the city and Vltava river. There are several restaurants and already mentioned Letna-Schlösschen beer garden. A lot of people like to sit and drink at the huge metronome visible from far.
  • Stromovka – former royal deer-park and nowadays huge public park where you can just sit in grass and enjoy a beer.
  • Slovanský ostrov near the National Theatre – here you can rent paddle boats and enjoy the river.


Should I ask Manic chaps when organizing my best mates stag do in Prague? 

It costs you nothing to ask us and since we have years of experience of organizing a stag do, we will surely know what your struggles are. 

Of course, when going with a stag agency, the advantage is that we take care of your itinerary and save you the nerves. You will just enjoy the great experience and gain the appreciation of your whole group.

Whether you decide to use our services or not we are happy we could help with any useful information!

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