Prague Stag Prank Tips

2021/06/04 10:00

Your must do Prague stag pranks and advice on how to chose, what fits your stag and how to keep everyone safe and sound!

man wrestling two girls in jelly

Should I include a prank when on stag do in Prague? And which pranks are worth doing?

Everybody expects to have fun and a good time when on stag do and say proper goodbye to their mate’s freedom. Basically, that is the main foundation of the whole thing and in relation to this the current stag do market has gone far and beyond and offers various crazy activities of different kinds you can choose from. One category of such activities are the stag do pranks that will make the whole trip even more unforgettable not only for the stag but for the whole bunch as well. And you can find many of them in Prague.


Should you add a prank to your Prague stag do menu? 

The answer is definitely yes! And it doesn’t matter if your mate is an easy going one or an old fart who would probably curse you when being chased by an unleashed dog. If you ever wanted to prank him or to have your revenge for anything, this is your time and the best opportunity to do it properly!


You should probably give it a thought or consult with us before you choose the most suitable one from the Prague stag do pranks. Each of them is very different and also demanding in certain ways so it really depends on when and where you want to hit and how much you want to prey on him. Some of them also require your part, usually to come up with a fake story to cover the surprise and make the stag expect something totally different.


Day Time Pranks

If you plan your strike for a day time you can choose from two classics. Dog attack Prague or Bungee jump prank. 

The dog attack is actually… a dog attack. A trained dog will be unleashed to chase your friend across a field, get him down and dominate him for a while. The stag will be pissing his pants when running for his life with the beast at his heels while you will be rolling on the ground laughing. Even though it sounds scary, don’t worry, the dogs are properly trained and disciplined service dogs with the dog handler present all the time and your friend will get a protective gear to be safe.


The bungee jump prank is even more sneaky. Tell him you have booked a real blindfolded bungee jump or tell him whatever you want. It is certain that you will be picked up by a car and taken to Prague suburbs. The stag will be blindfolded on the way. When you reach your destination, take him off the car, pass him to instructors and they will take him to the low ramp (roughly 1 m above ground) with a small kid’s pool below it. Then he will be just given a rope and instructions like he would be doing a real bungee. However, his jump will end up in the pool full of water. Simple but deadly and a huge favorite. 


There is a reason we offer shots for the stag after each of these activities. 


With another day prank – Car Smash Prague, the whole group is involved and it is more kind of a treat for everyone. You will get a car to have fun with and destroy it as you will during 1 hour with a bunch of tools.


Night Time Pranks

When the evening comes the best time to surprise and prank the poor bastard is when making your way through the Prague nightlife which offers many very popular opportunities to have a laugh on him.


One of the most typical is to handcuff him to a dwarf who will then party with you and accompany your stag everywhere he goes in a bar, even the toilet. 


Another evening bestseller apart from the Dwarf Hire Prague is a jelly wrestling that appears in more than one option. It happens in a private zone of a strip club and you can either have your stag to enjoy short warm up lesbian show and then wrestle with the girls in a pool full of jelly or you can have him blindfolded after the lesbian show and change the sexy girls for a Rolly Polly to wrestle with in the jelly. Wrestling with two rolly pollies is also possible. 


The last but not least comes a stag arrest, it is a big surprise prank to scare him first and then reward him for his “bravery”. As agreed in advance your group will be stopped by the police (of course fake ones) on your way to a strip club and your stag will get arrested for not having an ID (this is usually discussed prior the event) he is taken for a questioning to a near “station” and after a short while he appears in a strip club by a secret door where you and a sexy stripper are already awaiting him.


As you can see there are many pranks that you shouldn’t miss and can work with when on Prague stag do. It just depends on you and your imagination. If you can’t decide, let us know and we will be happy to help and give you tips and recommend the best Prague stag do pranks.

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