Budapest Stag Pranks

Budapest Stag Pranks

Dwarf Prank


Whats Included: 

Local Manic Guide

Dwarf for 1 hour hire

Strip Club Entry & VIP Room

Victim on Stage show in VIP room

2nd Drink FREE in Strip Club


€27.37 Each
(minimum 8 people, maximum 30 people)
Group Size
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Stag Do Pranks for all Tastes!

It just is not a Budapest Stag do without a Prank or two. From wicked to a treat we have pranks to cover all tastes and levels of fear!

If the Dwarf  prank above is not for you, scroll down to see all options. Select your choice, add how many people and enter preferred date. Click Add to Tour and you are set to go.

melinda rolly show

XXL Rolly Polly Show

What's Included:

Local Manic Guide

XXL Show for approx 12 minutes.

Can be during Bar Guides or at accommodation



girl in sexy maid outfit

Sexy Maids

Whats Included: 

Local Manic Guide 

Sexy Maid prank 

15 minutes Hot Strip Show



Mans hands in handcuffs

Stag Arrest

Whats Included:

Local Manic Guide

4 Hours bar guide

1 x Fake Policemen

1 Strip show

VIP Strip Club 

Stag On Stage Strip show in Strip club

1 FREE drink in Strip club


girls in limo

Sexy Hitch Hiker

Whats Included: 

Sexy Hitch Hiker Stripper

15 minute hot strip show 

(Must be added to a transfer)


girl in PVC with a whip

Dominatrix Show

Whats Included: 

Local Manic Guide

15 minutes dominatrix show 

(At Accommodation or during a Bar Guide)


Group Size
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What is a stag do without a Prank?

Pranking the stag on a stag do party is as old as the idea of the stag do itself. With that in mind, over the 17 years we have provided stag dos in Budapest we have created some crazy pranks. Some we scrapped as just went to far, but what remains in the pick of the bunch and we are sure you will love them all.

Below we go into a bit more detail on how the pranks generally work and some tips on how to make them work best for your group. 

We also include some tips on selecting the right prank. Not all work for every group and some just terrify your stag to the point of ruining the weekend, so be careful!

What you wanna know? Everything you need below for our Stag & Party Pranks in Budapest

How to Choose the right Prank!

No stag do is complete without the obligatory strip show, so why not make it fun and prank the stag? Best to hit him when he is the weakest and order a sexy cleaner lady to his hotel room, then storm his room and watch his confused face as the show begins.  Better yet make it a XXL Rolly Polly show as that is best bang for your buck! She is more than happy to roll in the good times. 

Or if you want to make the prank public hire a dwarf handcuff prank during your pub crawl and see how he can handle our residential funny man. The stag arrest of a random fake police officer will accuse the stag of possession, interestingly enough the other policewomen is rather hot, so it might be alright in the end. 

Please ask us for more details and let's plan this prank together, after all it only works if everyone is in on it. 

two girls one victim

How the Generally Works!

Stag pranks can be added to certain activities, like a Dwarf handcuff prank or the Stag Arrest Prank can be attached to a pub crawl. A sexy hitchhiker prank can be added to literally any activity that comes with a transfer, so it's a good option to any day time activity or limo ride. 

Timing is the most important factor, that's where our 17 years of experience will come in handy. It's all about hitting the stag at the right moment. Pulling down during the car ride back to the hotel from shooting, just for her to get some cigarettes is the perfect way to get the sexy hitcher on the bus to surprise the stag. The dwarf rocks up during the pub crawl, but only you are already on tour, so the stag lets his guard down. As said, it's all about the details, but lucky for you we are the headmasters of it. 

rolly polly prank


If it's in Budapest we will make it happen. Be it a pub crawl, a transfer to an activity or right at the airport. Why not prank the stag during his sleep. After all, best to hit 'em when they are least prepared.  Tell us your plan and will help you execute it the manic way. 

Stag group at meal

Tips & Tricks to know!

It will be down to your judgement to let the group members know about the prank. Do you want them to be just as surprised as the stag? Or do you want to nail it and tell everyone what to feed the stag to keep him in the dark? Its up to you but regardless of your decision, prank is a really important part of any stag do. As the wise man said, laughter is the shortest way between souls. Now lets handcuff a midget to the stag eh? 

dwarf handcuffed to victim

WARNING - Manic Tours can seriously cause extreme hangovers, unforgettable memories and dangerous levels of fun. Take part at your own risk.

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