Budapest Tank Driving

Budapest Tank Driving

Budget Tank


What's Included:

Local Manic Guide

Private Return Bus Transport

1 in group drives - Instruction

2 ride as passengers


Maximum 3 people can do this activity. 

Larger groups can attend.

€446.25 Total
(minimum 1 people, maximum 3 people)
Group Size
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So many Tanks! Budapest tank driving options for all Stag do pockets and group sizes!

There is no way to sugar coat this, Tank driving and riding is Expensive! To try and make this as affordable as possible we have the largest selection of different tanks for different groups sizes and budgets. 

To get the most TANK for your buck, scroll through the list below and find the tank that best fits your groups size. You then spread the price listed between you, reducing the cost each. The final price is calculated by adding how many you want to ride on the tank of your choice as an extra.

NOTE - The prices shown are for the tank and 1 driver. You MUST add as an extra how many people you want to ride on the tank. Make sure you do not add more people than the tank can take! 

Larger groups can attend all tank activities but only the maximum people can ride.

snar10 tank over a hill

Snar 10 Russian Infantry Fighting vehicle

Local Manic Guide

Private return bus transport

SNAR 10 tank hire

1 driver - full instruction

Up to 11 can ride on tank.

30 minutes on tank


This tank is best booked by groups of 10 to 20 people.

Add how many wish to ride below.


BMP1 infantry tank

BMP-1 Amphibious Infantry

Local Manic Guide

Private Bus to and back

Safety Briefing

1 in group drives, rest rides

15 Minutes drive time

30+ Minutes riding fun


This Tank is best suited for groups 12 to 15 people.

Add how many you wish to ride tank below.


T55 battle tank in Budapest

T-55 Battle Tank

Local Manic Guide

Private Bus to and back

Safety Briefing

15 Minutes Driving for 1 person

30+ Minutes Ride Time


This is suitable for groups 1 to 5 people only!

Add how Many you wish to ride tank below. 1 to 4 maximum.


T-71 battle tank in Budapest

T-72 Battle Tank

Local Manic Guide

Private Bus to and Back

THE TANK of all Tank Experience.

Safety Briefing

15 Minute drive for 1 person.

30+ Minutes ride for 1 person.




Car Destroying Bulldozer in Budapest

Car Smash - Armoured Bulldozer!

Local Manic Guide

Private bus to and back

2 Can Ride as car is crushed

Not limit to audience size.

Loads of Noise and destruction.

Unforgettable experience.


Add how many people will ride the tank below.

NOTE - You MUST add how many people wish to ride your tank as an extra to get correct price. If you do not add now, we will have to add and send you corrected quote!

Scroll left to see more
  • riding a tank in Budapest

    Riders On Tank

    1 person riding the tank


    Make sure you add how many in your group want to ride the tank.

Group Size
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Boys & their Toys - And Toys don't get any bigger than tanks!

Who hasn't wished for a tank to just roll over that traffic jam you stuck in? Every man loves the idea of riding in a vehicle that is basically unstoppable, and Tank Driving in Budapest is the ideal way to experience this.

Whatever tank you chose, be it the small Basic tank for up to 3 people or all out T72 Battle tank, the thrill of riding one of these monsters is never forgotten.

Be aware. Big toys come with big costs. Running a tank is not cheap, so getting to ride on one is not either. So please look through all the options above and pick the best tank for your group size to spread the cost the best way possible. 

Everything you need to know about Tanks in Budapest

What to Expect

With all our tank and military vehicle activities your guide will meet you at your accommodation where a private bus will collect you all shortly after and transport you to the Tank Park.

The tank park is an amazing experience all to itself. Not only are there all the tanks that can be driven but a huge military vehicle display from the Cold War. 

You can explore the displays and get some great photo opportunities while you are there.


down the barrel of t72 tank

How It works

As mentioned above each tank driving experience is based on 1 person driving the tank. The rest of your group can ride, but remember to add how many are riding in the extras. All tanks can take different amounts of people, so also be sure to check you get get everyone on the tank.

We highly recommend choosing a tank that the maximum number is roughly your group size as this reduces the cost each.

The battle tanks and car smashing experience, less people can ride on the tank, but as with all the Tank activities, the number of spectators is unlimited, so you can have the rest of the group come and watch.


Rocket launcher SNAR in Budapest


The military museum and Tank Driving park is situated just outside Budapest. On average it is a 30 minute drive from central located accommodation, depending on traffic.


Real Tank Girl in Budapest

Why to Book

Is there a man alive who has not thought about driving a tank? It is just seriously cool! But there is many other reasons to book and experience these mechanical monsters.

All the tanks are from the Cold War and slowly but surely, less and less actually run. A T55 battle tank for example costs nearly as much as a Lamborghini, but running one costs even more. There are no spares suppliers, so to keep these tanks running, you need two or three tanks to run one! Image having to buy 3 supercars just to use one!

As costs get higher and spares get less, the chances of driving a real Cold War tank will get less and less. Not to mention when EU laws decide it is too dangersous.

So book you tank experience now. Not only will it be one of the coolest activities you can do on a stag in Budapest it will become a life long memory.

Sunset of tank driving field in Budapest

WARNING - Manic Tours can seriously cause extreme hangovers, unforgettable memories and dangerous levels of fun. Take part at your own risk.

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