Budapest - Stag Nights

Budapest - Stag Nights

Budapest Pub Crawl


Whats Included:

Local Manic Guide for 4 hours

Variety of Ruin Bars and Fun Places


€11.90 Each
(minimum 6 people, maximum 50 people)
Group Size
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A Budapest Stag Night Activity Option for all Tastes!

From basic pub crawl to the all in Stag night, we have every possible option for the perfect Budapest stag night below.

Scroll down to see all. Select your choice, add how many people and click add to tour. Easy!

If you want to add more than one Budapest Stag Night activity, just add your first choice, then from your Tour, select add more and repeat.

instant ruin bar budapest

Ruin Bar Tour

Whats Included:

English speaking guide

4 hour private bar crawl

Ruin Club Entrance


The Ruin Bar concept originated in Budapest and has since spread to other large cities such as Berlin. Take a run down, “ruined” building, add a few bars, some lights, some crazy decoration and a sound system and you have a your self a ruin bar.


inside a nightclub

Bar Guide & Top Club Entry

Whats Included:

English speaking guide

4 hour private bar crawl 

Entrance to a top nightclub 

Queue Jump


strippers on stage in club

Bar Guide & Strip Club

Whats Included: 

Local Manic Guide 

Visit Awesome Ruin Bars and more 

1 Beer each during tour 

Welcome Shot 

VIP Strip Club room

Stag on Stage show

2nd drink in strip club Free


knickers around ankles

All IN Stag Night Budapest

What's Included:

Local Manic Guide

Welcome Shot,

Sirloin Steak & 2 Beers

Cocktail Bar – 1 cocktail each up to 3000 HUF

Bar Hopping – 2 bars minimum

VIP Strip Club Entry & VIP room in Strip Club

Stage show including Stag

2nd Drink FREE in Strip Club


inside a budapest nightclub

VIP Nightclub

Whats Included: 

Local Manic Guide

Entry to top nightclub

Mini Bar Crawl before the Club

Skip the line 

£25 drink voucher per person


Group Size
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Budapest Stag Night - The Main Event

A Stag Party in Budapest is something that really will be the stag weekend you never forget. Famous for it's ruin bars is reason enough to make Budapest your stag destination, but then add the world class nightclubs, strip clubs and stripper to blow your mind and open air bars!

Manic has been organising stag dos in Budapest for 18 years, so we know all the top places and clubs. Better Make It Manic!

Detailed info on Budapest Nightlife

What is a Manic Stag Night?

No set route – We do not take commissions from bars. Get pissed at the top venues and don’t miss out… Our local guide is perfect to direct lads to the best hot spots in Budapest for cheap booze, hot women and cracking atmosphere. 

Part of the package is a local enthusiast to show you around for four hours. Don’t get stuck in a hole of a venue, find a sexy local bird for that! No stag do is complete without showing everyone the mad moves you have been mastering for years, so we will take you to a hot ruin bar dance club, where you can dominate the dance floor!

In case you would like to visit a STRIP BAR and have a surprise show ready for the stag or a FULL STAG NIGHT check out the great options above.

Beer and glass

Dos & Don't for your Budapest Stag Night

We recommend this private pub crawl for stag dos, that want to make the most of their Budapest stag weekend. Sure, you can try your luck and wander around the city to find a good place to grab a beer, but chances are you will not find the best places. 

Our knowledgeable guides are there for you to get to where the party is at. As young and vivid persons, it's their job to know where is the local crowd is, at any given day of the week. There is no bigger disaster than going from one empty pub after the other. You need places where you can buy booze AT A NORMAL PRICE and mingle with some locals along the way. 

That brings us to another point. Although not many, but there are some tourist traps especially in the centre of Budapest. As always the biggest disaster would be you getting ripped off in a dodgy bar. Most of these places are located quite close in the centre and you are likely to be staying close to one of them at least. You local guide will make your pub crawl easy, safe and bang good value for your buck.

Budapest Nightlife is quite unique in a sense where you are wondering around historic buildings while finding famous ruin bars or cool beer terraces next to each other. 

The ideal group size is between 6 to 30 people and they can be of any age. As the private bar crawl is not taking place in a set route, we can make sure that the bars we visit matches the preference of the stag group. 

General Stag Night Outline

Visiting local bars in Budapest is a one of a kind experience. There are a variety of cool pubs within the famous party district that caters for a wide range of crowds. However, Budapest nightlife got really famous for two factors. 

First of the ruin bars. These places are usually set in old building with artistic touch and cool bespoke surroundings make sure that it's a unique experience to get sh’t faced in one of these fine establishments.

Some of the best ruin bars you already might have heard of:

  • Szimpla Kert
  • Ellátó Kert
  • Instant
  • Füge Udvar
  • Udvarom


Of course the million dollar question is, which of these are letting stag dos in and which not? Sadly long gone the days are when rampaging stag dos could just  go into any pub and drink there. Some of these places have a strict no stag do policy and they enforce it. That's why you will need a manic guide with you to make sure you waste no time on your stag weekend.

Dress code is usually smart casual, but you can just come in anything that is comfy and you'll be fine. Nothing over the top.

Opening hours: Usually the bars start to get packed around 8 in the evening and the pubs and clubs are open until the morning in most cases.

When going on a pub crawl, apart from beers, wine & cocktails there is the infamous Pálinka that you ought to try out. Its made of the freshest fruits available and is as strong as 40%-50% so be careful when trying it. 

Why should you choose Manic Tour to organise your pub crawl? 

Usually most stag groups visit Budapest for a weekend. 2 or 3 nights are the most common trips. Its a good idea to hire a manic guide to take you on pub crawl, because you will get an idea of whats what and where are the best clubs or bars in the city. You can just relax and make sure you each enjoy the time you spend together as the guide will watch the schedule, the mood of the group and help cater for any needs. 

In case you decide to add a dance club entrance, or strip club, you usually have to get there and if there is a show booked for you or even a stag prank there is a time and a place you'll need to be at. 

Done, that's taken care of for you. 

Added value is that you will only visit bars that are frequented by locals so you will be in a safe hands with us.  Don't forget, first stag nights make or break the weekend so take no chances, book you Budapest pub crawl with the Maniacs and have a bloody good time with us. 


clubing in Budapest

WARNING - Manic Tours can seriously cause extreme hangovers, unforgettable memories and dangerous levels of fun. Take part at your own risk.

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