Budapest Spa & Day Activities

Budapest Spa & Day Activities

Budapest Thermal Spa


Whats Included: 

Local Manic Guide 

All Day pass for The Royal Spa Budapest

Own Cabin for belongings


You can add private transport below.

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€29.75 Each
(minimum 6 people, maximum 48 people)
Group Size
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More activity Options for your daytime in Budapest

Sitting in a bar drinking all day sounds like a plan, until you realise you cannot handle it and miss the big night out.

Try and keep your group a little sober during the day and add a group activity to create some amazing memories. We have many options for all tastes and pocket. 

Scroll down to see the many choices. Select your choice, add how many people and when you add to your tour. Easy!

ultra violet football

UV Bubbly Football

Whats Included: 

Local Manic Guide 

Return Private Bus Transfer 

1 hour pitch hire

6 special Bubble Balls ( 2 teams of 3 can play at once) 

All equipments and paints

UV accessories

Private Ref 



bubble football bounce

Budapest Bubble Football

Whats Included: 

Local Manic Guide 

Return Private Bus transfer

Up to 12 bubble balls

1 hour private pitch hire

Indoor/ Outdoors depending on weather

Ref & All equipment

1 beer each 

Water for everyone

High performance music box available 



man solving a puzzle

Escape Room

Whats Included: 

Local Manic Guide

1 hour Escape Game challenge

1 beer each after the game

Funny photos can be taken on the spot 


budapest bobsleigh run

Bobsleigh - Budapest

Whats Included:

Local Manic Guide

Return Private Bus Transfer

5 runs per person

3 x 0.5 litre beers

1 hotdog or burger each



Group Size
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Related Activities you may have missed!

Many stag groups focus on making the nights spectacular, which we are all for, but you still got hours of day hours between. And as much as you think you can fill these with just drinking, in reality, you are just going to ruin those carefully planned and booked nights out.

We recommend you select one activity for each full day you are in the city to keep the party mood going but give some time to recover from that hangover and recharge for the night to come. It also adds some extra adventures you can brag about during the night to come.

Detailed info about Budapest Stag Do Day Activities

How it Generally Works.

Years of experience told us, that the most booked day activity for Budapest is Bubble football. Most of the bloke are in love with their Sunday league shenanigans anyways, so why not show of you best moves and hear the crowd roar as you score.  What makes this activity even more appealing is that is weather proof, as we have both an indoor and outdoor site.  All you need to do is let us know when you want to us to pick you up and your guide will rock up to pack the lads into the bus and off you go to play some bubble football. All equipment included, just bring a set of sporting bear and let us take care of the rest. Cold beers for both the winners and the losers at the end of the game. 

For those of you that want to pack even more fun to your stag weekend, we have some exciting low cost options to add, just like spicing up the Bubble football experience with some UV lights, or try out an escape room with the guys and see who's brain works best. ( While still hangover af.) Or better yet, bugger all that and just sit in one of the most famous baths of Budapest and cure you hangover, make sure you are ready for the heavy night that lies ahead.  



Band Of Brothers - Have an Adventure together!

It is important to book a daytime activity for your stag do. The guys that are part of the group and friends of the stag are usually working hard, but we bet they all like to play. So why spend the entire weekend drinking and sleeping in? The activities we offer are 100% action packed ( well maybe the Spa Detox is not) and are focused on things that blokes love. Adrenaline, teamwork, fun, banter. If you have all of that, you have will enjoy Budapest and not just for the awesome nightlife it offers. No small added value is that you can make pictures that you can actually show when you get home. 




When we have selected these top activities we have put yourselves in your shoe. Time is all the essence, as most stag groups spend a Weekend max in Budapest for their stag do. So we have two kinds of activities. Those that are located in Central Budapest near and around the Party District or the others that are only a short bus drive away. When you book your accommodation it will be usually in the middle of the city, so you will be closer to bars and the nightclubs. There are tons of fun activities around you that are only a short walk away, so those are in. In case you want something a bit more extreme, say like Go Karting, Shooting guns or bubble football we will send a bus with your guide to pick you up and these rides are usually 30 min max. You can make use of the bus ride as well, marvel at the beautiful sites of Budapest or book a prank, like a sexy hitcher and spice up the ride. 





It is absolutely essential you book early. Budapest gets already busy from March and the party train does not stop until September. You are not the only ones that would want to book that day time activity for 1 or 2 pm during the day. If you want the best time slots available then make sure you book early. Our buses are also on the road around the clock to take the groups from A to B and back, so there is that to consider as well. Luckily for you we have a couple of book options and we are sure you will find one that is best suited for your plans.  




WARNING - Manic Tours can seriously cause extreme hangovers, unforgettable memories and dangerous levels of fun. Take part at your own risk.

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