Budapest Shooting Range

Budapest Shooting Range

Shooting Package 1 - Basic Training


Whats Included:

Local Manic Guide

Private Return Bus Transport 

Safety equipment & Instruction

English Speaking Instructor

0.22 sport pistol x10 shots

9mm Glock17  x5 shots

9mm Roni Assualt rifle x10 shots

12/70 Remington Pump Action Shot Gun x 5 shots

4 guns with 30 shots!


€53.55 Each
(minimum 8 people, maximum 30 people)
Group Size
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Other Budapest Shooting Activity Options

Find Your Perfect Budapest Shooting Activity

Budapest offers an amazing selection of different shooting activities. There is 4 options with real guns at the range and then everything from Paintball to Archery Tag. Find your perfect Budapest Shooting activity for your Stag do below. Simple tick the select box for the activity you choose, enter how many people and the preferred date then click add to tour.

girl licking an ak47

Shooting Package 2 - Full Metal Jacket

Local Manic Guide

Private Return Bus Transport 

Safety equipment & Instruction

0.22 sport Pistol x10 shots

9mm Glock17  x10 shots

Ak47 Assualt rifle 7,62 x 6 shots

.38 Taurus .357 Magnum revolver x 6 shots

12/70 Remington pump action shotgun  x 5 shots


Price base on minimum of 8 people booking. Smaller groups the price each is higher.



ak47 with bullets close up

Shooting Package 3 - Extreme

Local Manic Guide

Private Return Bus Transport

Safety equipment & Instruction

22LR MCM - Sport Pistol: 10 shots

9x19 Cz 75 -Glock17: 15 shots

.38 Taurus 357 Magnum: 6 shots

12/70 Remington 870 Tactical Shot Gun: 5 shots

7,62x39 AK 47 Assault rifle: 10 shots
7,62x39 SKS Simonov assault rifle: 5 shots

1 beer each 

Shooting range reserves the right to exchange guns for different models of same calibre.


naked girl with ak47

Shooting Package 4 - Rambo

Manic Guide

Transport to & from Range

English Speaking Instructor

Range & Gun Hire

All Safety equipment 

22LR MCM - Sport Pistol x 10 shots

9x19 Cz 75 -Glock17 x 20 shots

.38 Taurus 357 Magnum x 6 shots

Remington 870 Pump Action Shot Gun x 5 shots

7,62x39 AK 47 Assault Rifle x 12 shots
7,62x39 SKS Simonov Assault Rifle x 10 shots
9x19 Glock Roni Assault Rifle x 10 shots

7 Guns - 73 shots!

Prices based on minimum group size of 8 people. Smaller groups can book but price will increase.


girl pointing a paintball gun


Local Manic Guide

Private bus return transfers

Safety gear and instructions

Gun pre loaded with 200 paint-balls


girl pointing arrow at you

Arrow Tag

Local Manic Guide

Private Return Bus Transfers

Professional Instructor

All Equipment Hire

Indoor if bad Weather

1 Beer Each at end


man pointing shot gun at you

Clay Pigeon

Local Manic Guide 

Return Private Bus Transfer


15 clays per person

Gun Hire

Safty Equipment


Add a little extra

Extras to add that little bit more to your Budapest Stag Do.

Below are extras you can add to your selected shooting option to make your shooting range experience that little more unique.

Swipe left or right to view, click to select and enter how many.

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  • extra

    Sexy Hitch Hiker

    Awesome extra Awesome extra Awesome extra Awesome extra.

  • sniper

    Sniper Rifle

    The most awesome extra The most awesome extra The most awesome extra The most awesome extra.

Group Size
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Related activities

Budapest Shooting – One of the Best Stag Do Activities


Going to a shooting range is one of the best ways to let your primal instincts kick in. Undoubtedly, guns make us feel so powerful. 

Everything about them heightens your senses, and it can be so much fun too.

But it doesn't have to be just a shooting range to get those juices flowing. Add being able to shoot the rest of the group and now Paintball and Arrow tag come into their own.

Find out more details of all the amazing Shooting based activities Budapest has to offer below.

Detailed Info About Budapest Shooting Activities

Best shooting activities in Budapest 

There’s something for everyone when it comes to Budapest shooting activities. Depending on how exhilarating or more laid back you want it to be. For example, you can go for clay pigeon shooting or AK47 Shooting Extreme, and everything in between. 

One of the most popular activities in Budapest is Laser Tag. Imagine being on a battlefield but also at the same feeling as you're in a laser show. It's a trippy and exciting combination that will give you an adrenaline rush you've been looking for. In addition, there are smoke machines and the thrill of the hunt.

And if you seek more outdoorsy action, one of the best options is Arrow Tag. Unlike paintball, which is also crazy fun, you don't have to continue buying more bullets. So, it's cheaper but equally as exhilarating. One of the best niche shooting activities is shooting at a range that uses only ex-Soviet Forces weapons.

Most of these shooting ranges and spaces are quite big, so it makes sense that they’re further away from the city. Manic Tours includes transport to and from the range, so you don't need to organize anything yourself. Shooting ranges also provide all the safety equipment you might need and an English-speaking instructor as well.

Shooting ranges are perfectly legal in Hungary. However, you have to be at least 18 years old to enter and participate. Also, fully automated weapons and silencers aren’t allowed for civilians in Hungary.

Manic Tours can make your stag do unforgettable. We’ve created different, but all equally fantastic shooting packages. We’ve thought of everything you might need, from transport and tour guides to a pint of beer after the shooting is done.

blonde girl with gun

Choose Budapest shooting for your stag do 

Shooting the live ammunition firearms might not be the first thing you think of when planning a stag do, but it's an incredibly satisfying thing to do. It makes you feel more alive. Of course, your stag should be filled with other activities too – nightclubs, cruises, bars, and drinking. But for those who want to feel the power of a firearm and let loose a bit, a shooting range can be as cathartic as it is enjoyable.

The shooting ranges in Budapest are well-equipped, and there are English-speaking staff on board. You can choose what kind of firearm you wish to use, and even if you've never fired a gun before, you can always give it a try.

But some safety protocols will be applied. It's also important to stay comfortable while you're working with a firearm. There’s no strict dress code, but you're advised to wear something that doesn't restrict your movement.

Shooting is an amazing activity because it makes you feel freer, and it breaks down certain barriers. Shooting in Budapest with your friends on your stag night will give you an adrenaline rush, but it will also help create stronger bonds among the group.

As far as the ideal group size for the shooting activities, that depends. Certain types of shooting ranges can admit more people, so it won't feel as crowded if a large group is in attendance. Other things, like Arrow Tag or Laser Tag, ideally works with smaller groups.

Ak47 firing

Your shooting experience will include 

The Manic Tours Shooting packages range from £ 19 per person to £ 65. All of the packages, except Laser Tag, includes:

  • Local Manic Guide
  • Transfer to and from the shooting range
  • Safety equipment and instruction

These are the things you’ll get in each package. The Laser Tag offers an hour of intense shooting and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks. The more expensive packages like AK47 Extreme give you more choice when it comes to what kind of firearm you want to use, and more shots to fire. The stag group also gets one beer after the shooting activity is done.

The Airsoft Combat package lets you use unlimited ammo for three straight hours. This is considered real hardcore action and you get to use real machine guns and feel like you’re in an actual combat situation. The duration of Manic shooting packages ranges from one to three hours, with the shortest being the Arrow Tag.

Airsoft briefing


Manic Tours can turn your Budapest stag do into a completely manic, wild, but most importantly, a memorable event. You can go all in and get the taste of what real soldiers would feel like in combat. And you can also get your stag group into a futuristic laser tag showdown that will make you feel out of this world.

Budapest is one of the most beautiful and most exciting cities in Europe. It’s also an unofficial capital of fun. Opting for a Budapest shooting activity for your stag do will be one of the best decisions you ever make.

girl holding ak47 overhead

WARNING - Manic Tours can seriously cause extreme hangovers, unforgettable memories and dangerous levels of fun. Take part at your own risk.

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