Budapest - Stag Meals

Budapest - Stag Meals

Start Up Steak


Whats Included: 

Local Manic Guide

Welcome shot of Palinka

2 large beers each

Sirlion Steak & Chips



€26.18 Each
(minimum 6 people, maximum 30 people)
Group Size
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Eating is Cheating, but you have to eat eventually! More Budapest Stag Meal Options below.

Scroll down to see meal options for all tastes and pockets. We know you don't want to think about food, but without it, you will never last the long alcohol fuelled Budapest Stag Do nights.

Select the option that best fits your tastes and pocket, add for how many people, your preferred date and click add to tour. We really cannot make it any easier for you!

two girls in passion embrace

Steak & Lesbian Show

Fillet Steak & Chips

Hot Lesbian Show

2 x Large beers each 

Hungarian Palinka to taste

Local Manic Guide


Traditional Hun Meal

Hungry Hun Dinner

Whats Included: 

Local Manic Guide

Welcome shot  

2 Large beers

Traditional Hungarian Meal


girls in lingerie in sports bar

Sports Bar Meal

What's Included:

Local Manic Guide

1 Beer, Burger & Chips each

Guaranteed table to watch game IN ENGLISH.


Extra Spices for your Meal

We all like a little extra spices on our meals, but our “spices” are a little different. 

Scroll left and right to find your favourite spice. Tick to select and add to tour.

Scroll left to see more
  • sexy ladies bottom in denim


    Whats Included:

    1 Stripper for 12 minute show.

  • girl removing stocking

    Lesbian Show

    Whats Included:

    Very Sexy Lesbian Show for desert

  • rolly from behind during a show

    Rolly Show

    Whats Included:

    XXL Rolly Show

    12 minutes approx.

Group Size
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Get that Stag Meal Sorted!

Most groups do not realise that the Stag do meal is often the most important activity of the whole event. It is normally the one time you all sit together and talk… well kinda! 

But this is a Stag do, so you don't just want to sit, talk and say how great the steak was, you need entertaining and we have you covered. 

Below we tell you more details on our many Budapest Stag do meals to help you chose what is best for your group.

Budapest Stag Meals - All you need to know!

How It Works in General

Most of the stag parties are booked for a weekend. As breaking bread and sinking meads is a sure way to gel the team together! Usually all the good restaurants are fully booked in advance, let alone the ones that would take stag dos in general. At Manic tours we have travelled far and wide and consumed a worrying amount of meat to find you the best restaurants in Budapest. 

When booking a stag meal your guide will pick up your group and help you get to the place. After choosing your meal and drinks, you will have time for some much needed banter and have a few laughs while getting prepped for the your inevitable night out. 

After the meal you can add more naughtiness to your stag meal, but will cover this in detail later.  

Group enjoying a meal

Meals for different tastes

We know that a good stag party usually consists of many different characters. We all have different tastes and like usually different things, so with that in mind, we made sure that the carnivores can find something that satisfies their endless hunger, just as well as all the vegan or vegetarian warriors of the group. 

Chicken / Beef / Vegan options are part of any stag meals, so everyone can usually find something that will make sure they will last that extra (much needed) hour during the night out later.

Beers / Wine / Local spirit is usually available as well to get the party going. 

Or if you a firm believer of when in Rome, then try out our hot Goulash soup meal and traditional Palinka or more like liquid fire, to get a real grip of Hungarian cuisine.  

traditional meal


It would not be a Manic experience without some adult entertainment. You can add a hot strip show at the end of the meal, or if your appetite is as big as you say, book a lesbian show straight away. You will have just enough time to wipe off the crumbs from your beards before the next serving is already coming up in a form of a hot strip show, where the stag will get that special Manic attention that makes Budapest stag dos legendary.  

So no matter what meal you will choose you can add any sexy strip show to spice up your weekend. 

We usually use our restaurants as somewhat of a headquarter, as we usually set up epic pranks here just like a Stag Arrest prank where you will play the cruellest joke on the stag. 

As always our aim is to create a private environment away from prying eyes. 

girl covered in sushi

Why pre book the meal?

There are literally thousands of restaurants in Budapest, so you could just wonder around the streets until you find one that everyone likes, however we would advise against that. A common sight in the Budapest night, stag dos upon stag dos arguing for and against establishment at the street front, cause its hard to find a good place that everyone will be happy with. Not to mention check all the reviews before going in, just making sure you will avoid a tourist trap. 

What makes finding the right place for your stag meals is the simple fact that most restaurants just wont accept stag dos. As they know too well, that with the time and rounds of beers passing, the groups get louder and louder. Now that's not a problem at all when you book with us. We carefully selected the restaurants we work for and we even made sure, that if you wish to add a stag prank to your meal then you will enjoy that in a private area where you will be on your own. 

Finally the most important reason for you to book a meal before hitting the bars is the infamous curse of Budapest. Namely, cheap, cheap alcohol readily available at every corner. No point of booking a stag do to Budapest if not one of you will remember a bloody thing from the entire weekends, as all you do is jugging down beer after beer. So a good meal will prepare you for all the trials that previous stag dos braved and survived. Make your weekend right and for god sake eat something before get on the warpath! 

Sounds great, right? 




WARNING - Manic Tours can seriously cause extreme hangovers, unforgettable memories and dangerous levels of fun. Take part at your own risk.

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