Budapest Stag Do Guide for 2022

2021/10/20 12:54

2022 - Covid is pretty much behind us, Weddings can take place and finally, that Stag do you all been waiting for. But what is it like out there now? How much has changed and can I still find the Ultimate Budapest Stag experience? Yes you can, read our outline of the Budapest Stag 2022 version below.

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Budapest Stag do Guide for 2022! 


Is it safe? Can it be? 

In a word, YES! It is safe to travel once again in Europe. Hop on Hop off buses are roaming the streets of Budapest again, filled with tourists and hotel boats are anchored at the Danube’s banks. Those are all good indicators that people are judging that it is safe to visit Budapest and other European cities. 


That is huge news for the stag industry as groups have been flowing in steadily since the summer.  Here at Manic Tours, we expect 2022 will be a new dawn of the “stag party.”



What do 2022 promises for a stag group in Budapest? 


Oh, the infamous party district, what has happened to you? 

Yes, the “party district”, as we knew it pre Covid, has all but finished. FEAR Not, there are plenty of cool places still around. They are just not all crammed into one area on the tourist path as they were before.


The scenery has changed massively. This is a good thing and something that was going to happen Covid or not. Local district councils had imposed noise limits and early closing times to reduce the numbers and complaints in the Party District and more restrictions were coming. Now, the nightlife will spread back around the city as it used to be.


So, worry not, Budapest still has amazing Nightlife and with a manic guide to show you where it is, you will be guaranteed to still frequent the bespoke areas of Budapest. If anything, the pandemic has reset the nightlife with the best places still going strong.



So where to go to wet your whistle? 

In 2022 the bar crawls of Budapest will be much more focused on visiting pubs filled with locals and we do believe that is a great thing, as you really don't want to hang out with other stag parties visiting from Liverpool or Manchester. You want to mingle with the locals and focus on your own group. We will make sure that is something that we will tailor to your needs if you choose Budapest as your stag destination. 


What about other fun stag activities? 

Manic Tours has managed to keep the best suppliers and keep the price competitive in the year where most countries were hit with heavier than usual inflation. 


Without the tourist groups, attractions like paintball fields and gun ranges, go kart arenas were heavily thinned in numbers. However, the few places that have survived are more than eager to show once again why Budapest was the stag do capital of Europe. Also, the industry got rid of some weaker competitors, so only the best places were still standing. 



We got the best gun ranges, tank driving, limo services waiting for the waves of adventure seeking groups that Budapest has to offer. For more stag do ideas check out the Budapest page and browse among top activities that are essential to any decent bachelor parties, now more streamlined and without any activities that no-one cares for. (Don't get us wrong, if you insist on taking the lads to the selfie museum, we will make sure you get that, but maybe driving a tank will be more to their liking) 


It is 2022, things seem to go in the right direction, but what are the guarantees that my trip won’t be cancelled? 

That is a totally legit concern for any best man trying to get group members to give them their hard-earned cash. We completely understand the situation and considering the Covid situation we have come up with our own COVID 19 terms, that are more than favourable to the customers. 


For further proof of our awesomeness check out our trust pilot (home of awesome Manictours reviews) where you can see the word of the lad trying to organise his Budapest stag do just as Covid restrictions went live, without my hesitation we refunded his deposit and promised to reschedule his trip once things have settled down. That is what we call Manic customer service. 


Let's get to the bottom of it, here are some Stag Do ideas for Budapest in 2022: 

Of course, as any half decent stag company we offer the basics, the musts, booze, tits, gunpowder, and the usual what have you. Back in the days Budapest stag parties were famous for their beer bikes and ruin bar tours, so whatever happened to those top-notch activities? 


Ruin bars? Are they still around? 

It is true that most of the ruin bars have closed since 2019, but there are a few still around, although they are not that easy to find anymore. It’s not about just hitting Király street (downtown party district) and going in any direction from there. 


2022 will be remembered as the age of guides once again. Our Budapest experts will show you those hidden gems where you will see why people visited Budapest just for the sake of having some beers in the shadowy corners of said ruin bars. Book any pub crawls during your stag weekend and all you must do is relax and let us take care of the rest. 


Beer bikes? Beers on wheels, binned! 

That’s right, beer bikes were kind of your ultimate stag do activity as it mixed our passion of drinking beer, while seeing the awesome sights of Budapest. Now most of Europe got rid of them as the local folk did not take it too kindly that rowdy tourist blind drunkenly yelled at the top of their lungs 11 am on a Wednesday. 


But have no fear. Out with the bikes and in with the Buses. Budapest is one of the few destinations where beer buses were licensed. It is the same experience, but without the hassle of peddling a 300kg bike on your own. (Those metal monsters were heavy!!!) So, no sweating, just beer, sights and 1.5 hours of pure fun.   


All in all, there are some classic activities that are gone, some are changed, but Manic Tours as always keeps up with the times. That's why we promise you nothing but the best experience on your Budapest stag weekend.  



Alright, sounds fun, just what the guys needed, now what do I do? 

Contact our agent and we will call you for a hassle free, obligation free consultancy? Sounds alright? NO! We don't do that here, no hassle, no pushing, you are in control of what you want to do on your stag weekend. 


All you have to do is choose your stag destination: (In this case Budapest stag do central, but we recommend you check out both Prague and Athens as well)


Suss out one of the 11 arch-types of activities that we have carefully selected for you. These activity types are counting all the must haves for any successful stag do weekend.




  • Transportation to and from Budapest airport. Limos, buses, party buses you name it
  • Day time stag activities, including shooting guns, go karting driving tanks and much much more
  • Beers and Stag meals, party crawls, club bookings, strip clubs, steak meals, burgers, whatever you need to keep going
  • Stag Pranks, after all the stag must be punished. Rolly Polly show, dwarf handcuff show and the hole goes deeper


You choose whatever you want, browse around, see what sounds like fun, check out the prices online and build your perfect stag weekend. You can even go back and change it all if you want to. There is a 30 sec video on our site explaining all you have to do now about our cart system. Easy, right? 


All you need to know is your group size and the dates you are visiting. Once you are happy with your package you can choose between different options:


  • You can save your plan and show it to the guys, discuss it, make sure everyone is happy and get back to us.
  • You can reserve it, making sure we hold the best spots for you while you collect the deposit from the guys. (This is a more useful option during the hottest months for the stag industry.) Usually between March till May and from September onward again
  • If you are happy with it all, you have read our reviews, checked our prices, got the dates you wanted, you are ready to book, then simply click book your trip, pay your 25% deposit, sit back, open up a beer and enjoy. You have just put together an awesome Budapest stag trip in less than 5 minutes. Great, right? Don’t tell this to the lads though, in fact tell them it took you ages, so they won’t get you every time now they want to go on a rampage tour.


All in all, why Manic Tours? 

Well, the most obvious answer of course and this will surely convince you, we need the money. We really need the money from you and your mates, so we can buy awesome video games, lego toys and whatever shit Facebook tells us to buy. 


Just kidding, (or are we?) but to hit a more serious note, here at Manic Tours we (Max and his lackeys) have all been in the stag industry with more than a decade of experience. Have all the knowledge, experience, supply to make sure to deliver an awesome experience for you for a really decent price. 


How can we do that? 

Well, we are not a huge corporation with 50+ employees. It's just us 3 blokes with our laptops and the guide teams. We have no shareholders to pay, we are not aiming to build up this company that will ever be worth millions of pounds and sell it. We simply love the industry and would love to make an honest living from it. With that in mind we do regard our duty of care very much. As you can see (and we do recommend you scroll through our trust pilot reviews) stag groups visiting Budapest so far have given us the thumbs up, so we recommend you do the same. Or check out our newest adrenaline hot spots Prague and Athens. 


For once again, we really need the money. 


Thank you for reading. 


And don't forget, if it’s a stag weekend: 


You better make it Manic! 


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WARNING - Manic Tours can seriously cause extreme hangovers, unforgettable memories and dangerous levels of fun. Take part at your own risk.

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