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Budapest Stag Do – All You Need to Know


Budapest is one of the most beautiful European cities, and it's also a fun capital to visit. The gorgeous old town has many monuments and museums, but it's also modern and free-spirited. In short, it’s a fantastic choice for people who want to have their stag dos.

The abundance of stag do activities is impressive, and if you plan the trip right, there won’t be one dull moment to spare. From thermal baths to shooting ranges, there’s something for everyone celebrating a stag do in Budapest. 

But how do you make your Budapest stag do unforgettable? Select one of the activities or chose a Manic Tours stag package. This is by far the most popular choice for stags and anyone looking to have a great time. Manic Tours relieves you or your best man of planning duties. This team of professionals can organize absolutely everything. 

Manic Tours Guide to Budapest Stag do Central

If you want something special, you can plan the stag weekend in Budapest on your own. You can choose all the activities you and your group want to do on and be specific about it. But to ensure the smooth and effortless transition from ruin bars to crawls in Budapest, you are better off leaving it to the experts at Manic Tours. You can also request a limo, organize a prank, or even drive a tank if you want.

Besides, it is a well-known fact that tourists can never find the best venues in the city themselves. In terms of stag parties, Budapest is one of the best places on Earth. The airfare is always affordable, and the flight is short. Despite being a major business centre, the city is still quite cheap. Meaning you can have so much fun without getting a headache from the price tag.


Only for the strong nerves! Budapest done right is a great stag do weekend, filled with cheap booze, hot gals, great nightlife, and unparalleled atmosphere. If you are not slightly nuts, chances are you won’t make the distance once you are here in the Hungarian Capital City. You are to organize a truly epic stag do, do it in style. Arrive at your hotel riding a Strip Hummer Limo equipped with plenty of booze. For some extra thrill be joined with a stunning stripper or two. Always have a local fun-loving guide point you in the direction of the best pubs, enjoy a stag do dinner with a double babe show, get the stag handcuffed to a dwarf or just cruise down the Danube on one of our River Cruises. Book tables at top nightclubs and surprise the stag with amazing strip shows or just Rolly Polly his a**. We make it easy. Next day visit a top shooting range and experience AK47 EXTREME gun action with a cool pint waiting for you at the end of every stag activity.

Hassle free, top fun, for your manic stag do group, from fun-loving locals spearheaded by a British mastermind. Make it Manic!!!

budapest castle

What to do in Budapest? 

The Hungarian capital has so many amazing things to offer. When you land in Budapest, the first things you might want to check are the sights that make the city what it is, for example, visiting the Buda Castle is a must. The castle yards are always free to visit, but if you want to enjoy the whole palace experience, you can purchase a full access ticket for 1,400 HUF (around ₤3.50). 

There are many other museums and exciting sights to explore, as well. The public transportation system works great and very reliably, so it's easy to get around Budapest. There are four metro lines and three tram lines that will take you to see most of the sights and attractions around the city center. Unlike a lot of European cities, the tickets for public transportation are quite cheap as well.

A single ticket is 350 HUF or 90p. You can also get a 72-hour travel ticket for 4,150 HUF or £10, which might be great for a stag weekend. When it comes to daily food and drink expenses in Budapest, things vary depending on your needs. A 0.33l bottle of beer is around £1.50, and a cup of coffee is around £1.20. As for food, you can have an inexpensive meal at a restaurant for £6, and a bottle of water in the supermarket is 70p.

If you want to check out a less known tour, perhaps you’d like the go caving. Not a lot of people know that there’s a very complicated cave system under the city. You can actually go through it by booking an incredible three and a half hour experience.

It’s one of the most amazing places to explore in Budapest. But what’s the best season to visit the Hungarian capital? Without question, it's early spring and mid-to-late autumn. That's when the beauty and appeal of the city shine the most. 

hummer limo in budapest

Activity Categories

Manic Tours has every tool available to make your Budapest stag do fantastic. But what kind of things can you actually do? Here are some of the things you can choose from:

  • Airport transfer – strip monster Hummer, party bus, strip limo.
  • Day activities – bubble football, escape rooms, spa detox, beer bike, quad bikes, monster trucks.
  • Stag do Meals – be it local food to try or juicy steaks with sexy deserts, we have something for all tastes.
  • Pranks – dog attack survival, stag arrest pranks, hitcher stripper, dwarf handcuff prank.
  • Stag Nights – ruin pubs, medieval dinner, party boat, Danube cruise, VIP nightclub, indoor go-kart.


These are some of the most popular Manic Tours activities. Depending on your preference, you can select what seems like the most fun. Although nightclubs and ruin pubs in Budapest are extremely well-known and always packed with people and enjoyable times.


Plan your Budapest Stag Do package in 3 easy steps 

Planning your stag package with Manic Tours is incredibly simple. The only “problem” is deciding how much fun you’re going to have. The first step in creating your stag do package is to list how many people are coming, how long you’re planning to stay, and what date you’re planning to go.

The second step is choosing your accommodation. You can opt for a budget option or go for something more expensive. Once that’s selected, you’re on to the third step. This is where you go through all the Manic Tours activities. Your first choice falls on what kind of transport you want from the airport. And from there it’s all about your Budapest Stag Nights and fun activities.

Once you've chosen all of your activities, you can go back and edit them if you want to. You can also select to start making a new tour from scratch. There’s an option to save your selection before booking it, in case you need a bit more time to decide. It's best not to wait too long. We would suggest booking your stag package at least two months in advance, the earlier the better.

Planning a unique stag night with Manic Tours is for people who know exactly what they need to have an amazing time and want to make sure they get what they want. You don’t have to spend hours to book every single thing separately, you get to pick from our well-tested and pre-selected activities.

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The Manic blog is all about the amazing and fun activities you can have on your stag do in Budapest. We give you tips about what places to visit, how to get around in the city and what to do in your spare time. Read about our most popular stag activities and get to know more about Budapest.

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Trust in Manic

Why to trust us for your Stag Do? It is simple, you are dealing directly with people who have been organizing stag dos for years.

In each city, Manic staff are the hands-on people who make things happen. We are not an agency with a salesperson sitting in UK who has never even seen Budapest or Prague. Our staff live in each city they provide and are the people who meet the groups and make sure you get that once of a lifetime experience.

You do not have to take our word for it either. You can see our reviews on Trust Pilot, and if you scan the competitors reviews, as we supply many of them, chances are you are reading about our services there also. The good ones of course! 

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WARNING - Manic Tours can seriously cause extreme hangovers, unforgettable memories and dangerous levels of fun. Take part at your own risk.

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