Stag Do Bar Hopping Tips

2020/01/26 11:41

Coming to Budapest for your stag do? Visiting some of the best ruin bars is a must do. But which one to choose and which one to avoid?

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Worry not, your Budapest lad will shed some light on some issues and help you get wise. 


If you have booked your stag weekend to Budapest you might expect to entertain a bunch of thirsty lads. 


Not so hard to get inspired by reading some articles about famous Budapest nightlife. The party district is full of amazing Ruin Bars and cheap watering wholes. But among those places you can find some hidden gems, like a cool roof top bar, offering cool breeze and amazing views. Also some no gone zones! 


Problem is that there are a vast majority of bars on offer, which ones to visit and which one to avoid? 


Sadly 2020 has seen some of the best ruin bars closed down, so we had to wave good bye to Ellato Haz and Ankert as well. You might be right to say that there are plenty of others open, but consider this: 


Szimpla kert might be the single best place to visit on your Budapest Stag Do but in reality they have also banned stag groups, so even if they suspect to be a stag groups, you will find they'll turn you away in a blink of an eye. Have you just waited 30 minutes in the queue to get in? Ouch! That wont go down well with the lads. 


However fear not, our fun loving guides are some of the most enthusiastic, fun people to handle your group. We know where are the hottest parties in town for every given date. Imagine what a nightmare to walk a lot, just to enter an empty bar! That will never happen when you let the pros handle your night out. 


Now, we have a double barrelled shotgun blast of fun of bar hopping activities for you to consider: 


Bar Hopping and Club entry will show you some of the best locals pubs with a cool ruin dance bar to wrap it all up at the end of the night. 


We gonna kick the door on the nightlife! Visiting awesome ruin bars to mingle with the locals will be a great start. We will also make sure that you are not walking long distances, but its a rather good spirited, quick stroll from one place to the other. 


Will wrap up the night by entering an awesome Ruin Dance Bar, skip the queue, wobble to the bar get some more drinks in and hit the dance floor hard! 


While Bar Hopping and strip club will follow down the same path, but with some adult entertainment at the end! 


We will show you some of the best watering holes in Budapest, where you will pay the local price for drinks and enjoy the company of other party goers. 


If you are worried about the must have strip show that's due on any decent stag do, fear not! We will get you into a safe strip club where the stag gets a free, kind a funny, kind a kinky ( get those belts ready!!!) show. DONE! 


Luckily for you, these activities wont break the bank, BUT what they will do, is equip you with a bit of local knowledge and give you a good lay out of Budapest, so you can go back and re visit some of your favourite bars during your lads weekend! 


Sounds good? Good? Book in advance to get the best guides for you Bar Hopping! 


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WARNING - Manic Tours can seriously cause extreme hangovers, unforgettable memories and dangerous levels of fun. Take part at your own risk.

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