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2021/11/29 16:20

With nearly 20 years’ experience, we are full of fun stag do ideas to make it easy for you to create your perfect Stag. Here you will find top ideas, top stag ideas for Budapest and Prague and much more.

crazy stag do ideas

If you are anything like us, most of you do not want to trawl through a long article to find what you need, so we have created this guide to stag ideas with different top 10 lists at the top and more detailed info later in the article for that extra bit of inside knowledge.


First, we will list our top 10s. These Stag do idea lists are created based on our extensive experience, and for the cities we currently offer you. After all the lists we will go into a little more detail as to why an activity has made the idea list and other insights like how to combine ideas to create a perfect stag do.


To make it even easier for you, the Budapest and Prague stag do ideas are linked to their detailed descriptions in the web site. Just click the idea and jump straight to how to book it. Simples… 

Top 10 Stag Ideas Budapest

River Cruise

Pub Crawl




Dwarf Prank

Stag Meal

Go Kart


Beer Bus


Top 10 Stag Ideas Prague

Shooting Range

Dog Attack

Tank Driving -BMP1

Dinner and Strip

River Cruise

Go Kart

Pub Crawl

Beer Spa

Hummer Limo

Bubble Football


Top 10 Most popular Stag Ideas – EVER!

Bar Guide


Go Karting


River Cruise

Beer Bike

Quad Biking

Stag Meal

Limo or Hummer Hire

Dwarf Prank


Ideas for Stag Nights

Bar Guides

Nightclub Entry or VIP Nightclub

Strip clubs

Stag Meals with shows

Party Buses

River Cruise with meals and shows


Fun Stag do Ideas

Dwarf Prank

Dog Attack

Fake Bungee

Rolly Polly prank

Fake Stag Arrest

Sexy Hitcher



Top Stag Do Ideas 2022

  1. Bar Guide or Pub Crawl – Nightlife has changed due to Covid so make sure you have a guide.
  2. Nightclub & Strip Club – As above, much has changed, and online guides are out of date. Get a guide or pre book to be sure the club is still there!
  3. Stag Meals – Are those restaurants you have in that list you downloaded still existing? Pre book meals to be sure.



Get Ahead with Your Stag Do

Now you have scanned through our top ten lists, take a few extra minutes, and read on to get some real insights on how to create the perfect stag do in these weird Covid19 times.

Bar Guides & Pub Crawls

As mentioned in the list of ideas for Stags in 2022, bar guides are again almost essential. When stag dos abroad first started back in 2002, it was basically impossible for a group to find the best bars and clubs without the help of a local guide pre booked. Over the years since, as more and more stags arrived at Prague and Budapest, the cities also developed, and the Party districts grew. The result was it became simple for any group, even if they never been to the city, to find the party area and enough cool places to last the weekend. 


The effect of COVID has changed this dramatically. Many bars have completely closed. Some just have not opened again, yet but most of all, many cities in Europe, including Amsterdam, Prague and Budapest have taken the opportunity of lock downs to change licensing laws to reduce Party areas.


Budapest had already started making new laws to stop bars and clubs opening in the party area before COVID struck. Now, they have imposed earlier closing times and strict noise controls. The result now, is the party district in Budapest is no longer what it was. New bars and clubs are opening away from the centre, or just spreading away. With similar things happening in all major cities across Europe, for 2022 the number 1 stag do idea to make your stag do work, a Bar Guide. In what ever form you book this, from Ruin bar tours to simple pub crawls, you MUST pre book a local guide.


Local guide knowledge is now priceless. As they live in the city and are out each weekend with new groups, they can have right up to date info on which bars are still there, which are opening soon and which areas to avoid. This constantly evolving situation means you cannot use online bar lists or recommendations as they are out of date by the time they are even published. And if the list was published pre-2019, it just rubbish.


Stag Meals

As with the ever-evolving Bar and club situation in cities across Europe, the same problem exists with restaurants. Even pre COVID we would recommend pre booking meals as it not easy to just walk in with a group and expect tables to exist, but now, you must find the places first, and then pray that social distancing does not block your group from getting tables anywhere.


The Stag Meal ranks in the top 10 stag do ideas all-time list, so it is an activity you should seriously consider adding to your Stag do. Do not risk winging it, you will regret it. Having 10 hungry friends nagging you with “how much further”, “when we eat”, and “you should have pre booked” is just not the way to enjoy your evening. Book it online before you leave!


Stag Do Idea Combinations

Know what stag do ideas to put together is extremely difficult without some inside knowledge or real experience of planning A stag do, so we will try and give you the basics here to help. It is far to complicated to do some specifics here are there is so many variables in each city that effect what works with what. Therefore, we are going to outline a general day version and a stag night version.

Stag Do – Day time idea combo

  • Breakfast – Chances are you have booked an apartment, with no breakfast included, or if you are in a hotel with breakfast, you will all get up way to late to get it. Pre book and all day breakfast to get every one up and ready for the day. And remember, most activities you book in the day need you sober, so a good breakfast a great way to help this.
  • 1 day activity – Using the lists above book one activity for the afternoon to keep you all going. We do not recommend cramming in more as you will just feel rushed. It is possible to do more than 1 activity each day, but remember it can mean an early start (not good) or a lot of time sitting in buses, (also not good).


Stag Do Night Idea combo

                Generally, this is simple – Stag Meal, Bar Guide, Club! 

By starting the night with a stag meal you get everyone together, start the drinks flowing and although eating is cheating, you going to need to line that stomach if you intend to go the distance. Add a show to for the meal desert and you set the mood for your epic Manic Stag Night.


As we keep saying, a bar guide of some kind is essential. This allows you to enjoy the night with the guide taking the strain of where and when to go and what bars to find to keep the group mood on a high.


For the club part of the Stag night idea combo there is a couple more choices. Just go to a normal nightclub and dance into the morning, or go to a strip club and add some extra spice! We recommend doing both! Strip club one night, normal nightclub the following.


Lastly, a couple of extras to make this a night you will never forget. Add a limo or hummer limo before the nightclub and arrive in style. If you going to make the entrance, roll like a player and go full VIP with the club.


We hope we have given you some great stag do ideas and combinations to help you create that perfect stag. Use some of the links in this guide to find out more and start planning your stag do now. If you have any more questions, drop us a line with the contact us form. 


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WARNING - Manic Tours can seriously cause extreme hangovers, unforgettable memories and dangerous levels of fun. Take part at your own risk.

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