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2021/11/05 11:17

Here at Manic Tours, we like to give a helping hand to the best men, from all around the world, with their duties. Some of those are, Helping to pick the grooms-wear, planning and organizing the stag do, make sure the rest of the groomsmen attend suit fittings, organize a gift for the groom, write and give a best man's speech and collect telegrams or messages to be read out during the speeches. We have given you plenty of choices about the 2nd point, namely the Stag party. Of course, that is what we are here for! But we would like to give a few helpful tips about the rest as well, not that we are experts, but this what we have heard about.

the best man speech



As a best man, it is expected of you to give a speech in front of everybody at the wedding. You want to be kind of funny, kind of nostalgic with a hint of emotion. Easier said than done. 


Speaking is a very kind gesture, but only if you consult with the young couple in advance and leave nothing to be desired, either in terms of content or length. Of course, funny wedding speeches are expected at weddings, but what are the unspoken rules about that?


What fits and what doesn’t fit as a wedding speech? 

How do you compose your speech? You don’t want to be spontaneous and don’t take it lightly! Take the time and energy to plan ahead, put pen to paper, and read the speech many times over. It’s best to learn it all by heart, but for safety’s sake, be sure to keep a copy to yourself so you can look at the paper if you get the jelly knees.  Best trick to avoid that is to single out a person in the crowd and deliver your speech to him/her. Or the good ol’ imagine everyone is naked in the crowd trick. 


The main elements of your speech should be: 

  • Greet those present, highlighting the young couple.
  • Introduce yourself, as there are certainly many who do not know you who the hell you are.
  • Don’t forget to thank them for the opportunity to say what you want on their Big Day.
  • You can then move on to your planned speech.
  • Finally, close with your best wishes to the wedding party and especially to the newlyweds.


What are the absolute musts and mustn’t, when planning your wedding speech? 

Always check with the couple what is okay with what you plan to say. If you would like to surprise them with some of what you have to say, at least talk to them broadly about it. Respect that this is their big day and write your speech in the spirit of it. For example, if they want a restrained wedding, you might skip the youthful party stories. Let alone those that happened during the stag party. Timing is also important. It is best if you also notify the master of ceremonies who is organizing the wedding, make sure to allocate time for your speech, as he will be responsible for coordinating the programs.


The best speeches draw tears of emotions and cause laughter at the same time, make that your goal! Funny wedding speeches dissolve the mood and capture people’s attention. You should just do that and smuggle a little humor into your speech and you are guaranteed great success. Here is a few examples of jokes for your best man speech


"I asked for a microphone, but unfortunately they said they couldn't give me one. If you can't hear what I'm saying at the back, don't worry, I can assure you that judging by the number of people crying at the front, you're not missing out on anything.”


Or hit them with something like this: 

"I didn't really know how to start writing my wedding speech, so I thought I'd call the internet for help. After a few hours of browsing, I found some amazing things, but then I remembered that I should have written a speech.” 


"We all know that the bride is a wonderful woman who deserves the perfect man. It's a shame you don't always get what you deserve.” 


Those are just some ideas that you can incorporate to your speech. Just a few simple ideas really, we claim to be no experts on the subject, just our own recollections from our experiences. 


You know where we really shine? Throwing fire stag parties, so if you have written your speech, now is time to take care of the arguably the hardest best man task, but for that we are here to help. 


Thanks for reading, please don't contact us for wedding advice, but if it's beers, babes and bullets, give us a shout! 


The Maniacs 


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