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2021/06/03 09:45

Budapest is the Stag do Destination that has it all and then some more! Learn from our extensive experience to create the perfect Budapest Stag Do for your group.

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How to get the best out of your stag do in Budapest? 

So, you have decided to set sail to Budapest and see for yourselves what the Eastern Paris has to offer. We can guarantee that once your stag weekend is done you will realize Paris only wishes to be the Western Budapest. 


But what makes Budapest such a good place for party goers and culturally savvy people alike? First of all Budapest has many historical buildings that are luckily mostly located along the river Danube, so with a boat ride you can take that all in while raising a few glasses to toast the stag. 


There is an ample supply of beer gardens, terraces and smokey secret lair- like ruin bars. While the nights are heavy with drinks and parties you can fuel the lads with famous Hungarian cousins. 


When you are organizing a stag do you have a list of must haves you have to tick out, just like: 


  • Accommodation close to the action
  • Transfers -Transportation to and from Budapest Ferihegy Airport
  • Your Stag Night - Evening bar crawl, maybe the odd strip club entry if the guys are keen
  • A day time activity so you can make sure there will be actual memories of the trip



Stag Do Extras that are nice but not essentials: 

  • Stag pranks, after all as my good father says, ‘If we were born we gotta suffer.’
  • Danube River Cruise, after all you must remember to have some pictures on you phone you can show to the family.



What makes Budapest a perfect candidate for your stag do is the location and the price range. After all with budget airlines Budapest is always just a stone throw away, with discount return flights readily available throughout a year. But the good deal does not stop with the flights, once you set foot on Hungarian soil you ll learn that beers, accommodation, activities really don't cost that much. 


Ticks all boxes right? 


How much does a stag weekend cost in Budapest? 

You can make your stag do in Budapest quite a cheap event. If that's the aim, of course stars are the limit, but depending on what you book, where you stay you will be comfortable with a 150-200 euro budget. That will get you 2 nights accommodation in central Pest,  Some fun activities like escape room, axe throwing, bar hopping and even beer money.  That's really not that much to spend when you are considering how much a stag weekend would cost in Amsterdam or Barcelona. 


How cheap are the flights to Budapest? 

Pre - Covid this was an easy question to answer. However the game has changed now and we are waiting on the new flight prices. However the fact that Wizzair and RyanAir not just survived the pandemic (unlike other competitors) we are certain that flight prices to Budapest will be fairly cheap as it was before. That's around 50 euros per person, so around the mark you can book a cheap flight for your stag do. More money for the beer kitty. 


Where should I book the accommodation? 

If you wish to party and be close to awesome ruin bars, pubs, night and strip clubs, best book your stag accommodation in the infamous party district. That is district 6, 7, 8 so anywhere here is good, if you want a bit more fancy but would like to be able to reach the thick of it then district 5 is great. At this stage we would recommend to always choose Pest, unless you have some out of this world accommodation option in Buda, but then you have to factor in time to get to Pest each day, as there is not that much going on across the river Danube. Minus great architecture, shopping malls and nice restaurants. 


What are the must dos, Stag Do in Budapest? 

When in Budapest, taking a private cruise during the day,( or better yet night time if you get lucky ) you will see a number of world heritage buildings come at you thick and fast. Enjoy that with cold beer in your hand right there is a moment you won't forget anytime soon. 

Visit a ruin bar or two or three.  These places were once the most important items on any travelers list, but sadly we are seeing a decline in numbers, fact is that only a few are left and not many are letting stags in, so ask us which one is the best one to visit still. 


Enjoy the nightlife at the party district of Pest. Almost 90% of the nightlife is concentrated in huge party area, that makes Budapest a grown ups playground, with pubs, nightclubs, street foods wild variety bewitching everyone that dare to enter.... 


Free stuff to do? 

There are plenty of cool things to do in Budapest if you want to hold onto your buck. Lots of stag groups prefer to go on their own way and discover the city for themselves while getting tips from the locals. 


There are a fair few places that are good to chill at, just grab a couple of beers from the supermarket and sit outside these places: 


  • Deák Ferenc tér
  • Margitsziget
  • Városliget Park



These places are all great places where locals like to visit to sit in the grass and chill, getting ready for the night’s party. Just get some supplies from the shop and enjoy a cool day. 


Margit Sziget offers plenty of activities on its own. The biggest island located between Buda and Pest has a number of cool wheel-y, paddle-y vehicles that you can cruise around with that everyone surely finds something.


Checking out the local tourist sites, just like:


  • The Buda Castle
  • Heroes Square
  • The Citadel
  • The Parliament



All of these sights can be visited using public transportation, a single ride bus ticket costs less than £1 per person so visiting these historical sites are all a good budget option on your stag do. Usually restaurants and pubs located close to these sites are a bit more pricey, but that is normal of course. 


Oh, by the way, do you want to find the cheapest watering holes? Hungarians frequent the pubs located on the Nagykörűt, thats a massive street that cuts through the Pest side, so just navigate to Blaha Lujza Tér or to Oktogon and start to go down one way or another, you surely will find great deals, happy hours and cheap beer. Just remember to stay hydrated. 


What places to see and visit? 

Budapest has a lot of historical sites where you can hang around, drink a cold beer and marvel at the architecture. Above you will find a list of places that are worth seeing when visiting Budapest for a stag. They are all relatively close to each other and most of them are free to see. 


What makes a stag do a bit more special? 

When guys decide to step on the warpath, of course they will sacrifice precious family time for the sake of celebrating their best men joining them soon. ( more like leading the way probably) Here is what everyone expects of a half - decent stag: 


  • Plenty of drinks.
  • Some fun activity
  • Strip Club
  • Decent place to crash at
  • Not to break the bank



Budapest can help you get all of that in one decently priced package and best of all is that you get to have your cold drinks in the shadows of historical buildings while enjoying the vivid city life. 



Is Budapest cheap for a stag do? 

Short answer: Yes! Before Covid19 you could snatch a ticket for around 50 euro from most parts of Europe, thanks to economic flight options provided by Ryan Air, Wizzair, etc 

Accommodation down to Budapest is also fairly cheap ranging from 15 to 50 euro per night and you have a choice of Party Hostels, Airbnb, or traditional Hotels in downtown areas close to the party district. 

A Beer is around 2 euro, shots are 3-4 euro and a meal can cost anything from 5-15 euros. So you can really make this stag do a super cheap, but super fun option. 

But of course, not for nothing Budapest is the eastern Paris, if you want to splash the cash there are more than enough world quality services to choose from, be it accommodation, activities or other fun things for grown up adults. 


Should I get some help from the Manic lads when organizing my best mates stag? 

It costs you nothing to get in touch with us and as we are a team consisting of both local lads and Englishmen living here for decades, we will surely know what your needs are and how we can help you best. 


Of course when choosing a stag agency, the added value is that we take care of your itinerary, hassle free for you, just sit back, relax and wait for an amazing stag to unfold in front of your eyes. 


Enjoy the pats on your back as guys will shower you with acknowledging winks and praises as you've done so well. 


So get in touch and glory will be yours. Or don't use the information you got here and make your own trip. Either way we were happy to be of assistance. 

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