About Manic Tours

So Who Is Manic Tours?

A little bit of Stag History!

Although Manic Tours has only been around since 2013 (wow, 8 years already….) the experience behind the brand goes much further back.

In 2004, Max, the founder of Manic Tours created a Business to Business supply of stag do and party activities in Budapest to agencies not based in Hungary. Over the following decade he found and trained other people in major party cities to do the same.

This business model of small companies based in the city, supplying agencies around Europe, has become the industry standard. Simply put, if you book with a large agency in the UK or Germany, then the actual supply, guides you meet and organisation is done by the local team.

The problem with this model is the extra “middle man”, the agency with its larger sales team and offices adding sometimes large margins resulting in prices much higher than you, the customer should be paying.



In 2013, Max got together with some of the people he had trained in the different party cities of Europe and  Manic Tours was born. What is the difference? Well, that is simple, Manic Tours is an evolution. We have removed the middle man, the big agency adding large profits and pushing prices to you the customer up!


What does this mean to you?

Booking with Manic Tours is basically a win win. On the one hand, we can provide our services at lower prices, so you pay less and your group is super happy. BUT, unlike what many agencies are doing Post Covid19 and cutting whats included or buying cheaper, bad quality to increase their profits, Manic Tours is supplying you with the same high quality activities and service.

In addition, you are booking with suppliers with years of experience and doing it direct!

To make that real easy to follow

  • You get top quality activities ONLY
  • You get the benefit of years of experience
  • You get direct access to the Local team


Nothing Hidden.

By now you have probably already been on several different Stag Party web sites, and one thing we fairly confident you have noticed, no prices! In fact most agency web sites hide the prices so you have to contact their sales team to get any information. And that is when the hassle starts. 

From the beginning at Manic Tours we decided we would not hide anything. All you need to know is on the web site. Prices, whats included, how it works etc… Everything you need to make a decision with your stag group on what you want to book.

There a few reasons why we do this.

  1. We want to be clear from the start what it costs for anything you book.
  2. We want to remove the delay and waiting for sales staff
  3. We do not want you hassled by sales staff on commission.
  4. We do not want to have a huge sales team, huge offices and overheads that would push our prices up.


Again, simply put, Nothing Hidden, No Hassle, Easy Booking at the best prices.















WARNING - Manic Tours can seriously cause extreme hangovers, unforgettable memories and dangerous levels of fun. Take part at your own risk.

Contact Info

17 Lynmouth Close, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, Cv11 6YD
0036 70 429 1428
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