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Date: 2017. Oct. 17.


Drink, Drink and Drink some more…

Nothing says a stag trip like drunken shenanigans.

If you don’t have much experience in stag drinking games, don’t worry, we have compiled a list of the most entertaining games when you are pissed.

Naked Bus

It really is exactly as it says on the tin, get your kit off aboard a bus (or boat) and the last guy to strip has to serve a punishment. The buzz word for initiating the game is obviously ‘Naked Bus’.


Get into teams, fill up some plastic cups with booze and flip them when empty. The first team to flip all cups is the winner. Simple but great fun and harder than it sounds, give it a go!

Beer Pong

Line up cups at the end of the table or bar, find a ping pong ball and start throwing. When you land a shot, your opponent has to, well have a shot (or booze). The game finished when there is no booze left or the aim gets so bad the cups are no longer in danger.

Stripper Games

Not all games need to be just the lads, make use of your session with the stripper and let her select members to down pints with the first to finish getting a private dance.

Made in England

Sit in a circle, select an object from the room and check where it was made. Ask the guy sitting next to you to guess and if they are wrong they have to down a pint. The game goes on until everyone is legless or bored.

Pencil in a Bottle

This is a great laugh; a pencil is tied to the waist and dangled south. The object is for the person to squat over a bottle and get the pencil inside. Easy and anybody can play but harder than it looks when you are drunk.

We would like to make sure that any drunken punishments are feasible so don’t involve animals, fireworks or high buildings! Have fun.