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Date: 2017. Aug. 29.


Sharpen the male ego…

Every bloke loves a good bit of competition and light hearted game play. We have detailed the top stag game ideas to liven up your trip.


It may be an old favourite but ask all members of the group to write down a trial for the stag before you head out on the beat. If he fails, his punishment can vary from downing a pint to snogging an old ugly slapper. Popular ideas include:

  • Get the stag to kiss ten women in one club
  • Ask him to obtain a bird’s underwear
  • Get him to steal something from a bar
  • Get him to chat up a bloke
  • Request he picks a fight with a bouncer

For the less ‘in your face’ group, a dare could be something as simple as chat up a local hottie with a forfeit to dress up.

Fancy Dress

Most guys love a bit of dress up so set a theme for the night which might be superhero, film star or uniform. The best outfit can win a free pint from the group.

Alternatively the dress up could lead to a game of clue where the stag must follow a breadcrumb path to the final destination of the night, often a club or strip joint. If he can’t decode the clues he won’t get to come along!


Not all stag games have to be aimed around making the stag look like a tool. Why not consider a sport competition such as visiting a golf bar with virtual swinging (of a club) or go to a casino and try some poker or pool.

The local talent

Every stag group has blokes that think they are ladies men. Set a competition to see who can pull a bird the quickest. Also many great games involve strippers so get them involved and maybe some role play.

The most common games on stag trips are obviously orientated around booze. This can include drinking shots or downing pints but the aim is always to have a great laugh. Keep the lads amused with some original games and ensure nobody is left out.