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Date: 2017. Oct. 17.


No stag trip is complete without the hire of a limo. It allows the gang to travel in class to your chosen venue and attract some attention from the local talent along the way. It also ensures plenty of drinking time before the party kicks off.

We examine the most popular limo packages across Europe to make your group a pussy magnet!

Stretch Limo hire in Budapest

Take in the sights of one the Europe’s most traditional cities and bring some lady friends along for the ‘ride’ with extra space.

The stretch limo is a great for smaller groups and comes complete with a free bottle of bubbly.

Budapest also offers the incredible Hummer Daddy experience. More like a party truck then a car, this is a night out in itself and perfect for large groups. It brings a new definition to riding in style. All that’s missing is a bedroom…

We can also help organise amazing limo rides across Europe, which feature music, lights and a damn good time.

Make the most of your Limo…

Let’s face it, a limo is about picking up birds, strippers and downing booze. Before you arrive why not consider booking a stripper to join your trip or even a group of them! You might even consider the famous stripper hitchhiker to fool the stag and bring about some laughs.

No matter your venue, we can ensure a great limo experience. Check out our packages for amazing options to complete your stag break.

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